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Achi Beauty

Add a touch of elegance to your cash gifting with our Achi Beauty Money Arrangement. Featuring fresh flowers perfectly arranged on a stylish Muse acrylic box  with acrylic money box wrap with fabric cloth and with graduation hat . Suitable for cash gifting for any occasion specially in Graduation  that will make your receiver happy to celebrate their achievement . Flowers use were chrysanthemum, delphiniums , wax flower, mathiola, achillea and asparagus leaves.


All products are subject to availability. If a flower illustrated is unavailable for any reason, we will substitute this for a flower of the same or higher monetary value and in a similar style and color without notice. Please be advised as with all-natural products, there may be slight variances in color. All orders after 8.00pm will be deliver next day.

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350.00 AED