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Flower subscription

Corporate Flowers

Each of our dedicated and professional florists are given to our corporate clients. They (your personal florists) will help you in selecting your favorite design, as well as delivering the best service to you.
Flowers for Home
Our seasoned experts are the best in giving you professional advice, as well as giving your bouquets and flowers the best floral attention. Our florists will help turn your flowers into luxurious and stunning bouquets, while also giving it an exquisite arrangement.

Frequency of delivery... (Tick whatever is applicable)

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Please check the condition of our rented vases before you accept them, we will make sure you receive them in their perfect condition, if any item is broken or lost from your side you will be charged for the original price.

You will be charged one time only delivery charges for this service at the checkout page, and the rest will be on us!