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Flower Care

Here are professional tips and guide for you as regards your flowers. These tips and ideas will only require few minutes of your time on daily basis. They will help prolong the life of your flowers. 

Use the Right Technique While Cutting Flowers

The mistake many people make while cutting flowers is using scissors, as they can destroy flowers and also prevent proper water intake. It is therefore advised that you use sharp utensils, such as knife or clippers. After cutting down the flowers, ensure they go into water as soon as possible in order to absorb water properly.

Cut flower one inch from the bottom using a 45 degree angle, as this is the best angle for flowers to absorb water. Also, ensure you remove leaves or foliage from water, in order to prevent bacteria and unwanted odor.

Water Preservatives and Temperature for Flowers

Except in the case of tulips and hyacinths which require cold water; the ideal temperature for flowers should be between 38 – 44C (100 – 110F). Warm is the best for preserving flowers, this is because they move faster and will likely reach the top faster, thus, ensuring it lasts longer.

Preservatives are another way to increase the life span of your flower. At MUSE Flowers & Wrapping, we provide flower food with all our deliveries, as well as using them while preparing a hand tied bouquet. Our bouquets are delivered in ‘Aqua’, they are wrapped in cellophane filled with water and infused with flower food.

Ensure you change the water on daily basis to avoid bacterial infections on the stems. Flowers are to be displayed in a cool spot; exposing them to direct sunlight can cause dehydration.

Our seasoned experts can help manage your precious flowers and ensure they bloom!