Special Event Design Request Form — MUSE Flowers & Wrapping

Special Event Design Request Form

Do not let your occasion go on without that clear and distinct appeal that will etch it in the memory of people. At Muse, we delight in making your cards special and uniquely themed for the occasion. What would you like to do? We handle all forms of cards designs! 

  • We only provide you with the design.
  • We can recommend production companies if need.
  • Cancelation after confirming an order will cost 25%~50% according to the time consumed on the job.
  • We are entitled to display all our work under our platforms and social media account.
  • We do not copy other designs.
  • All our designs have copy rights please avoid copying our designs.
  • Please make sure to ask any production company to delete files after finishing the job and avoid mass production from the same design.
  • It is always best to place your order 1 month prior to your required date as designing and editing might take some time, especially if you are planning to turn our beautiful designs into fabulous production.

We wish to have... (Tick multiple, whatever is applicable)