FAQs — MUSE Flowers & Wrapping


Why are the flowers looking floppy?

Don’t let that bother you. Trim and place in water as soon as possible, within a day or two, you will see your flowers perking up and blooming.

Why do you send flowers in bud?

The reason for this is that the buds protect the delicate petals during transportation and moving the flowers about. Within 24 hours however, your flowers begin to bloom when the stems are trimmed and they have clean and fresh water to refresh and nourish them.

Flowers we send in bud include Freesia, Lily, Alstroemeria, Carnations and Lisianthus.

What are Guard Petals?

These are thick, greener (sometimes dark) petals around the outside of roses and other flowers. They are meant to protect the delicate inner petals during transportation and moving the flowers.